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Muhammad Aliff Haqimi bin Haris Fadilah

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My name is Muhammad Aliff Haqimi bin Haris Fadilah. I am 20 years old and from Muar, Johor. Currently, I live with my parents and my siblings at Merlimau, Melaka since 2005. I am the university student in the last year and I study at Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) Rembau campus in Diploma of Information Management. I am the first child in my family and i have 4 siblings including me. I am just a simple person and easy to get close with my friends because I can be friend anyone as long they accept and comfortable with me. Besides that, I also like and love with blue colour. I chose that because it is the colour that full with peaceful when i saw it. Besides that, my favourite food and drink are chicken rice and also apple juice. My hobby is watching Japanese animation called an "anime" because by watching it, it give me motivation and also knowledge in my life. Mostly an anime have many genre and it is suitable to be watch by teenagers and also adult because it relate with the real life and give many knowledge in aspects of science and technology. It it also my theraphy to calm down and rilex after being stress about the assignment given. My skills that I have is I can communicate well with the other person and also I can work in group and give full commitement about the task give. Furthermore, I also can think rationally when it comes to problem solving to find the relevant solution of it.


Pre-school (2006 January to 2012 December)

I started my education journey in my life by entering the pre-school phase when i was 6 years old in my primary school which is Sekolah Kebangsaan Merlimau 2 (SKM2). During my phase in pre-school, I have learnt a basic knowledge to started my journey in the education by learn how to write on the paper with the pencil and learn the alphabet A to Z and number from 1-10. The pre-school phase was my best thing to make myself familiar with school environment and can get many new friends.

Primary School (2007 January to 2012 December)

In January 2007, I started the real journey of education by register into the standard 1 after get the certificate during the pre-school phase. During the journey in primary school, I have study from standard 1 to standard 6 and many subject I have learned which is Mathematics, Science, English, Bahasa Melayu. 2012 was the final year of my primary school journey and during that time i was sit on big examination to qualify the students before continue the study in secondary school. The exam is the UPSR. I got the good and excellent result which is 3A and 2B and I was very happy and satisfied with all my hardwork during that time to get the results.

Secondary School (2013 January to 2017 December)

After I got the UPSR results, i continue my study in secondary school at Sekolah Menegah Kebangsaan Dang Anum from Form 1 until Form 5. During the secondary school life, I learn more advance from previous primary school subject with an additional subject which is Additional Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, and Information Technology and Communication (ICT). The experience in the secondary school is more challenging and more independent rather than primary school because the subject were more tough and advance that need the students to always think ratioanally and out of the box. Besides that, mostly the homework that given by the teachers must be done by the students and teachers rarely help them because they need to think the solution to finish the homework. During Form 5, I was taking the big examination which is Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) to qualify the students before entering the university and colleges. This examination was important to determine the type of university that they want to apply and what course they will get based on their results. My SPM results is 3A, 3B, 1C, 1D and 1E.

University(Diploma in Information Managament) (2018 September to current)

My current education level now is Diploma of Information Management at Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) Rembau campus. I registered as the first semester student in Information Management faculty at UiTM Rembau campus on September 2018 and started at there in that date. Overall, I have 5 semester and will finish my study in early year of 2021 as expected. During my study, many expriences I got such as in assignments, late to attend the class the interesting one is during the presentation in front of my classmates because they act not serious when doing the presentation. Besides that, I also got best results every semester which is 3.00 above and I maintained it every sem to make myself proud of my sacrifies. Currently, I m at the final year and last semester for my study and I hope I can finish my study well with an excellent results.


Work (2018 to current)

I also have the experiences in working environment. However, I just working as a part time only because I still a university student that only have time to do the part time work during the semester holiday. After I got the SPM results, I apply at the Pizzahut Delivery as a part time kitchen and delivery boy for 3 months before entering the university. At there, many knowledge I have learned about food and beverage industry and also how to make and ensure the food prepared and cook to the customer are always clean and hygiene. Besides that, I also learned the skill to cook the instant pizza and it was the insteresting experience for me in working environment because I can enhance my soft skills to communicate with the customers and also gain knowledge in cooking in the kitchen. After that, during the semester holiday, I worked as a food delivery rider that pick the order from the customer and deliver the food to them. For me, no one job in this world easy as expected from us. People may struggle in doing their job to ensure their life stable and happily. By doing variety of job, I have gained experiences on how people out there struggle in work to continue their life and fullfill the commitment. With all the experiences that I have gained, I will familiar with the work environment when I enter the work environment and how actually they work in their life and the skills and knowledge that I got can enhance a bit of my works' performance in the company.


Haris Fadilah family

In my family, I have mother and father and also 4 siblings including me. Both my mother and father are 47 years old. My sisters is 19 years old and 16 years old while my younger brother is 11 years old. My father name is Haris Fadilah bin Haris while my mother name is Zaiton binti Jantan. My two sister are Nurfaseha binti Haris Fadilah and Nur Najwa binti Haris Fadilah while my younger brother name is Muhammad Adib Qusyairi bin Haris Fadilah.

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